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FoxSoft Software & Web Development provides services such as website development, web hosting, custom software development, and IT support and consultation. For more information please contact us at services@foxsoftonline.net. For support please use the email address or contact information provided in your user control panel.

System Status (updated every 15 minutes)

Services / Servers
GRFN-205, Webserver, PRIMARY, Dell Poweredge™, GRYPHON-II ONLINE
GRFN-205A, Gaming, PRIMARY, VirtualMachine, GII-FALCON OFFLINE
GRFN-205B, Nameserver, PRIMARY, VirtualMachine, GII-TALON OFFLINE
GRFN-275, Webserver, DEVELOPMENT, Dell Poweredge™, GRYPHON-III STANDBY
GRFN-222, Fileserver, PRIMARY, Dell Poweredge™, GRYPHON-I ONLINE
EAG-225, Fileserver, PRIMARY, Dell Poweredge™, CHIMERA OFFLINE
EAG-207, Database, PRIMARY, Dell Poweredge™, REAGLE-I ONLINE
EAG-208, Database, REPLICATION, Dell Poweredge™, EAGLE-I ONLINE
EAG-208A, Communications, PRIMARY, VirtualMachine, EGL-ADLER ONLINE
EAG-208B, Synchronization, PRIMARY, VirtualMachine, EGL-AQUILA ONLINE
Applications / Appliances
FW-ARK, Firewall, PRIMARY, Dell Poweredge™, ARKBIRD ONLINE
SW-305, Switch, PRIMARY, Cisco, Seahawk STANDBY
SW-300, Switch, PRIMARY, Linksys, Skyhawk ONLINE
SW-322, Switch, PRIMARY, Linksys, Redhawk ONLINE
SW-320, Switch, PRIMARY, Cisco, Bluehawk ONLINE